Who are we?

Jacqueline Bouricius

Within our company, I am responsible for the Beauty Department. Taking care  of various body and facial treatments, and recently Eyelash extensions.
in addition I provide Chair massages on location.

sandra gilkes

With over 15 years of experience in the field of fitness and aerobics I engage most time in the sports section. Apart from group and personal training I also accompanied the re-integration training of workers from different companies on the Business park. Stiff muscles after a tough workout, for a solid sports massage you have be by me? In addition to the PR of our company I take  care of Yoga workshops on location.

The rest of our team consists  professional and well trained fitness instructors, who will guide you, provide nutritional advice and  training schedules. We offer various group classes, such as Fitcamp, Spinning, abdominal class (ABS) etc.

In our Beauty salon we provide in addition to the face and body treatments also the feet. Our Pedicure assistant  with notation for the diabetic foot is Jonneke van der  Salm and she’s working in our team on Monday and Tuesday.